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Dear foreign customer! Through categories (on left) you can see the basic layout of our assortment. An accredited representative of our company is located in Finland. If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact by Email: [email protected]

Our distributors in Europe - Czech company armyrus.cz


We offer:

 low prices
 a huge range of products (over 20,000 titles)
 fast order execution

If you represent:

 military shops, hunting or souvenir stores
 weapon shops
 youth paraphernalia shops
 shops for collectors and army enthusiasts
 regimentals and clothing shops
 security or paramilitary organizations
 regimental purchasing departaments for various organisations
 military suppliers
 military schools and academies
 any interested private businessmen - 

- our products for you!

Wholesale supply (Russia and CIS)

Retail/small wholesale (RF regions)

Manufacture to order

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On all matters of retail purchases, please contact the store where you can buy our products
 ONLY Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

in Saint-Petersburg

 - Dear customers, in retail stores, because of the limited space may not be presented all our products. But you can order any product from our site in your closest store! To do this, you should ask our managers for specific product, and within 2-3 days goods will be delivered to the store.






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